Amazon Frustration Free Packaging – What you need to know

Shoppers are tired of having to use the strength of ten men to break into their online orders when they arrive. First impressions count, and the first impression of having to cut through wires and plastic to get to your purchase does not lead to a happy customer, or a 5 star review.

Luckily, Amazon has introduced a new service to cut down on this annoyance – Frustration Free Packaging. Let’s take a look at what it is and how you as an Amazon Seller can get in on the action.

FBA Frustration Free Packaging

The reasoning behind the frustration free packaging program is to provide something that protects the product, but is designed to be easy to open. It is designed as an e-commerce shipping solution.

The goal is to get to the point where the customer opens up the Amazon shipping box, perhaps opens an internal box for smaller items, and then can immediately use the product. This increases the customer experience, by decreasing the packaging wrestling.

It also reduces packaging waste.

How does it do that? Amazon’s Frustration Free Packaging (FFP) program uses mostly 100% recyclable materials.

Comparing old Amazon shipping with Frustration Free Packaging (FFP)

Other Packaging Options

You might not qualify for Amazon’s Frustration Free Packaging program. Or you might choose not to participate in the FFP. Either way, as an FBA seller, there are things you can take into account for your packaging.

1. Subscribe and Save

The perfect solution for consumables such as health and beauty items like shampoo and detergent. Also worth nothing that Zonmaster’s email template triggers can specifically target Subscribe and Save customers, so you can send them an email a few weeks after purchase to remind them. Customer’s also save money, and you get recurring income.

2. Small and Light

You can get lower fulfillment costs, and provide free shippin, if you sign up for Amazon’s Small and Light program. Enrollment is fairly simple (about 6 steps), and costs you nothing.

3. FBA Export

Helpful for those Amazon FBA Sellers who are selling internationally. Amazon FBA Export ships your products direct from US-based fulfillment centers to international companies, without you needing to list on all marketplaces.

Key Advantages of Amazon Special Fulfillment Programs

Amazon’s fulfillment programs come with some other benefits:

  • (Potentially) lower costs
  • Free Certification
  • Quick Approval

That being said, Amazon at the moment is retooling it’s Frustration Free Program (which is, ironically, frustrating) so we strongly recommend you look at the other options listed above.

If you customers have a better initial experience then you are going to get more positive reviews (as reviews are most commonly left within the first few days of getting a product. So you should see a bump in your Amazon product reviews and seller feedback.

Team Zonmaster

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