[URGENT] Check Your Permissions (especially for Auto Review Request)

Amazon has changed its permissions structure again. This means that for us to be able to successfully send out automated Review Requests you will need to update the permissions you have given the Zonmaster secondary user on your account.

Please check the SCI Seller Central Integration page ( on Zonmaster for full detailed instructions on what permissions we need. Until that is done by you in your Amazon Seller Central mostly likely Auto Review Requests will not be sent!

Thanks for your cooperation!

EDIT: Looks like we were wrong about one setting, so please double check!


Zonmaster for Shopify is coming!

We’ve been busy over here at Zonmaster Central working on our new product –  Zonmaster for Shopify!

We’re looking for a couple of Shopify sellers who might want to help us out with a little testing.

If you are interested and have an active shop of Shopify please SEND US AN EMAIL to

DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS POST – it’s not monitored.

We’ll send you an invite to install the beta of our app.

Thanks for any help you can offer!