New Search, Filter and Quick Stats for Orders

We’ve overhauled the orders listings page (here) to give you more power and more info.

New Search and Filter

More Fields

Now you can filter on more fields specifically, which lets us perform faster searches. We’ll break them down in a minute.

In addition, on relevant search fields, you can also filter your results even further.


Let’s cover the filters first, because they can apply to many fields.

Shipment Method
  1. FBA
  2. FBM (still debating whether to call this FBM or MFN. Amazon uses both!)

Pretty obvious here. We default to selecting both.

Additional Conditions
  1. with Promotions
  2. with Feedback

Additionally, you can ratchet down to only those orders that used a promotion, or have already given you SELLER FEEDBACK (note: not reviews)


Here you’ll see what marketplaces are relevant for you. If you only sell on then it will be the only thing in here.

NOTE: In this section (and in other subsections), choosing none is the same as choosing all.

Order Status
  1. Unshipped – Hasn’t left Amazon yet
  2. Shipped – on it’s way
  3. Delivered – has either been set to be delivered by the carrier (if we can track the carrier) or it has past the “Estimated Arrival Date” of the order
  4. Canceled – dammit!
  5. Returned – Customer as sent the item back to Amazon and it is back
  6. Refunded – Customer asked for their money back

We default to all except canceled.

NOTE: In this section (and in other subsections), choosing none is the same as choosing all.

  1. Repeat Buyer – they’ve placed more than 1 order with you
  2. Email Opt Out* – they have opted out from receiving Seller emails from Amazon
  3. Blacklist – you’ve set this customer to never receive another email from you.

*: For this to work you need to be forwarding your emails from Amazon to us. Please read this article about it.

NOTE: In this section (and in other subsections), choosing none is the same as choosing all.

Order Email
  1. has sent – you’ve sent them an email (via Zonmaster)
  2. none sent – you’ve not sent them an email (and nothing is queued)
  3. is queued – emails are scheduled to go out to this order

NOTE: In this section (and in other subsections), choosing none is the same as choosing all.

That covers the filters!


Search By Date

With Date Range selected in the first drop down, you are given a variety of options to choose from in the next drop down. Most, we hope, are self explanatory.  If you choose Exact Dates you are then given the choice to enter a date range. The format is YYYY-MM-DD.

NOTE: Filters can/are applied to date range searching

Order ID

You can enter all or part of an order number here. E.g “113-4137396-0344548” or just “0344548” (or any part).

NOTE: Filters ARE NOT applied to order id searching



NOTE: Date Range AND are applied to ASIN searching


Same as ASIN.  You need to enter an ENTIRE SKU.

NOTE: Date Range AND are applied to SKU searching

Buyer Name / Buyer Email

Enter all or part of the Buyer name or Amazon customer email address.

NOTE: Date Range AND are applied to SKU searching

Shipment Info
  1. Shipment Recipient Name – who the parcel was addressed to
  2. Shipment Address – first line of the address
  3. Shipment City
  4. Shipment STATE/Province
  5. Shipment Postal Code
  6. Shipment Country Code
  7. Shipment Tracking Number

You can enter all or part of any of the above info (depending on what you’ve selected from the drop down)

NOTE: Date Range AND are applied to Shipment Info searching


Quick Stats

We also give you some quick stats on the order

  1. How many emails sent
  2. Review Rating (- if no reviews yet)
  3. Seller Feedback Rating (- if no feedback yet)

NOTE: For Review Ratings to show you need to be matching reviews, which requires the Seller Central Integration. Please see here for more info


Associating Products to Email Templates – Include/Exclude!

Another new update to the website is a bit of a rewrite to how Products are associated to templates.

As a reminder, inside each email template you need to specify which of your products this template will be associated with, or say that it is for all your products.

We’ve now changed the functionality slightly.

Including Products

First, there is a new way of picking the products you want. Instead of the old picker there is a new dropdown that let’s you filter on ASIN, SKU or Product Title. Simply type any characters from the ASIN, SKU or Product Title into the dropdown and it will filter on those.

You can select all matches by clicking the [Select All] checkbox.

Excluding Products

Perhaps the biggest change is that now you can say which products you DON’T want the template to apply to. Sometimes you have 1000 items and want it to go to all except 2. Before that was a real pain in the butt. Now, hopefully not so much.

The same powerful ASIN, SKU and Product Title filtering is available here too.

Please Note: This is an either/or situation. You can either exclude products or include products. You cannot exclude some AND include some.

All Products

Finally, instead of the old switch you now select All Products from the same drop down menu.


More Information At A Glance – Email Templates

We are going through the website and making some updates! Yeah! Finally!

On the Email Templates listings page we’ve given you more direct visibility of some stats and also more direct access to some functions.

Quick Stats

Now right from the email listings you can see your 3 most important stats.

  1. Number of emails queued or sent – let’s you know if the template is going out!
  2. Number of emails queued – quick look at how many upcoming emails we’ve got for this template
  3. Open rate – what percentage of people are reading this?

As always, if your open rate is 0 for ALL your templates, even those with a lot of sends, then you most likely have a problem with your configuration and you should read this article on the support portal.

Quick Actions

I know. It’s a pain that we made you open the email template first, then click on things like “Show Sending Details” and especially “Edit”! So now you can do these things directly from the listings.

  1. Edit
  2. Preview
  3. Sending Details/Queue
  4. Duplicate

You STILL need to go into the template to:

  1. Force Send
  2. Delete