News Updates

Announcing ChatGPT-enhanced Landing Pages

Hey, Amazon Sellers!

We have some exciting news for you! just launched its latest feature – a revolutionary ChatGPT-enhanced Landing Page Generator. This is a game-changer for Amazon sellers who are looking to up their marketing game and reach new customers in ways that were previously impossible.

So, what is the ChatGPT-enhanced Landing Page Generator?

It’s a brand new tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to create custom landing pages that are tailored to your unique needs. This means you can generate your own landing pages, distribute coupon codes and capture potential customers’ email addresses like a pro!

We understand that marketing your products on Amazon can be tough, which is why we developed this industry-first feature to help you stand out in a crowded marketplace. We believe this new tool is going to change the game for Amazon sellers and we can’t wait to see you take advantage of it.

The ChatGPT-based Landing Page Generator is available to all subscribers of ANY of our PAID plans. So, if you’re looking to take your marketing efforts to the next level, make sure you sign up for a PAID plan today.

We’re committed to providing you with the best tools and services to help you grow your business on Amazon. Our range of features and services includes inventory management, customer feedback tracking, and order management – everything you need to succeed.

If you’re interested in learning more about our ChatGPT-based Landing Page Generator feature, visit our website at

Let’s revolutionize the world of Amazon selling together!


New Multilingual Email Templates For Your Use

Just a quick update!

We’ve changed our ‘Prebuilt Templates’. They were getting a bit old and tired, so we’ve given you whole new sets of them and redesigned the interface a little.

The Interface

Like before, you access the Prebuilt Templates from the Email Template Manager page. At the top of the page you have two choices ‘Create New Email Template’ or ‘Load Prebuilt Template’. You want to choose the latter.

You’ll be presented with a popup that lets you choose from our Prebuilt Templates. This is an ‘accordion’ (no polka music required!), broken down by the templates we offer. Right now we have:

Feedback Driver

This is one of our older templates. It’s been proven effective, so we left it!

Seller Feedback and Product Review Request

  • Available in 6 Languages
  • Asks for both Seller Feedback and a Product Review.

Seller Feedback Request

  • Available in 6 Languages
  • Asks for Seller Feedback only

Product Review Request

  • Available in 6 languages
  • Asks for Product Review only

We’ll be adding more templates shortly!

How To Use

  1. Find the email template you wish to load.
  2. Click ‘Load’
  3. A copy of the template will appear in your Email Templates list
  4. Edit the template to your needs.
Prebuilt Template loaded into your list

Once the template is loaded into your account you are free to edit it as you wish. We strongly urge you to edit the template to ensure that

It is targeting the proper products

By default Prebuilt Templates target ALL your products

It is targeting the proper marketplace(s)

By default Prebuilt Templates target ALL marketplaces (regardless of the language the template is in)

It has the right send settings for you

We will preset the template to what we think is a sensible timeframe, but you may wish to change that.

Edit these settings and save the template.

Preview it!

Do not enable any email template without first previewing it to see that it looks like you think it should.


A Look At Zonmaster’s New Dashboard

Recently we’ve rolled out an update to the main Dashboard inside your Zonmaster account. We are always striving to give you more information faster and clearer and we think this update is a good step in that direction!

Order Information – Updated!

At the top of the dashboard you will find yours orders. Like before, we show you a bar chart of your orders by day for the selected time period (more on this later), which defaults to the last 30 days.

What’s been updated is we now show you those orders broken down by status – Unshipped, Shipped, Delivered, Returned and so on.

The advantage of seeing your orders like this is you can quickly see if there is a delay in shipping or delivery, or if you have a higher number of returns.

Top Tip:

On any chart you can click on legend labels to hide that element. For example, to hide ‘Delivered’ orders from the Orders table simply click on it.

Hide a category by clicking on a label (in this case, ‘Delivered’)

Emails – Updated!

We now give you two views on your Emails queue on the dashboard. The first – called By Date – is the usual breakdown of how many emails have been sent out, day by day, for the current period. We’ve also now broken those bars down into ‘per email template’ so you can see if there is change in what is normally going out.

The second view, accessed by clicking the ‘By Template’ tab at the top of the panel, shows you a pie chart with the breakdown of which templates have gone out over the selected period.

Review Requests – New!

Next to the Emails section is a day by day look at how many Amazon Review Requests Zonmaster has processed on your behalf.

Seller Feedback – New!

We have added a couple of charts so you can more quickly see your Seller Feedback. This previously was not shown on the Dashboard.

Now you can see the usual day by day breakdown of the Seller Feedback you’ve received, with the days broken down by the star rating.

If you click on the By Rating tab in that panel you can see the same time period, but showing you how many of each rating level you’ve received

Customer Reviews – Updated!

We’ve given the same update to the Customer Reviews panel. You can now see a day by day, broken down by review rating.

By clicking the By Rating you can see how many of each rating you’ve received.

Account Summary

We’ve kept our quick view chart that will show you the number of Orders, Returns, Emails, Reviews Requested, Positive and Negative Seller Feedback and Positive and Negative Customer Reviews, broken down by the last 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, 180 days and 1 year

Mail Queue

We have two tables that show you the emails sent in the last 24 hours, and the emails scheduled to be sent in the next 24 hours.

In these tables you can access the actual Mail Queue entry by clicking on the date. You can access the Email Template by clicking on the name of the message, and you can click on the Order Number to see the order details.

Seller Financial Stats

Finally, at the bottom of the dashboard we show you some quick financial stats on your Amazon Seller accounts – how many orders in the current month (month to date), how many units sold, what the total value of the Products sold is and what your average sale was.

Time Period – New!

At the top of the Dashboard is a new drop down menu that lets you change the time period that the dashboard shows you. You can choose the last 30, 60, 90, 180 or 365 days and all charts will update.

We hope you find these updates helpful in giving you more insights more quickly into your Amazon Seller data!

If you’re a professional Amazon Seller and not (for some crazy reason!) using Zonmaster, why not sign up today for your 15 day free trial – no credit card required. You get access to ALL our features, regardless of the plan you choose (yes, even the one that starts at $6.99 a month!)


Introducing Zonmaster ASIN Monitoring

When you are selling on Amazon it is vital to stay on top of your listings…for several reasons!

Listing hijacking – multiple offers being added to your listing – is a real problem for sellers, as is losing control of your own listing and having someone else change the title of your product. Not to mention the simple problem of knowing when you’ve lost the Buy Box.

Now Zonmaster has a new tool that helps you combat Hijacking, listing changes and helps you also keep on top of incoming reviews.

Sorry, this is a beast of a blog post covering a huge new feature. It’s a bit long!

The Zonmaster ASIN Monitor

To access the ASIN Monitor, go to the Products Manager by select ‘Products’ under Products menu.

The Zonmaster Products Manager Overview

In addition to the charts and labels at the top of the page you’ll see a listing of all your products.

We have added a small ‘bell’ icon in the rightmost column of your product listing. Clicking on that will open the settings panel for the ASIN Monitor for that product.

ASIN Monitor Settings panel

Here’s a list of what you can presently monitor


You can choose to be notified of All Reviews, Positive Only or Negative Only.

Please note that this settings REPLACES the preview review monitoring you could configure in Zonmaster.


One of the most serious issues facing Amazon Sellers is losing control of their listing. With this setting you can be informed when the number of offers on a listing changes at all, Increases or Decreases.

Buy Box

Be alerted as soon as your Buy Box status changes – either you gain it or lose it!


Be alerted as soon as Zonmaster detects your title has changed!


Be alerted as soon as Zonmaster detects your product description – including brand – has changed!


Be alerted as soon as Zonmaster detects your main image has changed on a listing.


Be alerted as soon as Zonmaster detects your price has changed either above or below the level you have specified.


Be alerted as soon as Zonmaster detects either your item dimensions or packaging dimensions have changed.


Be alerted as soon as Zonmaster detects the main category (or categories in some cases) has changed on your listing.

Best Seller Ranking – Coming Soon

This is coming soon, but you’ll be alerted whenever your BSR changes beyond a certain threshold.

Bulk Settings

If you want to see the same ASIN Monitor settings on multiple products the easiest thing to do is use the Bulk Monitoring tool. Select the rows you want to affect and use the select dropdown to choose Bulk Monitoring

You’ll be presented with the same ASIN Monitor Settings box as described above, but it will just apply to multiple items.

Be Aware: It will create multiple ASIN Monitors!

Marketplace Support

Like pretty much everything in Zonmaster, all of these features are available in ALL MARKETPLACES. You will be alerted individually on a marketplace by marketplace basis. So if your product is listed across Europe but only changed in – for example – Germany and Italy – you will get 2 emails, notifying you of those changes.

ASIN Monitor Limits

You know we at Zonmaster like to give you the most for the least! But ASIN Monitoring is an expensive and time consuming process, even for the poor bytes inside our servers. So we are setting some limits.

Note that these are limits on ASIN monitors, not Marketplace limits. So if you monitor a product that has the same ASIN across all marketplaces that is just one ASIN Monitor.

Here are current limits.

Mini Plan10 ASIN Monitors
Mini Plan + Attachments10 ASIN Monitors
Basic Plan50 ASIN Monitors
Power Plan100 ASIN Monitors
Zonmaster Plan500 ASIN Monitors

If you need more monitors but not more Emails or Review Requests please let us know.

Notification Settings

In addition to the settings about WHAT to monitor, you need to be able to set HOW you are monitored, right?!

To do that, pop over to our (new) Account Settings area and go to the Notifications selection (or click this link here)

Here you can control individual email settings.

The reason you need this? Because now you can have multiple notification email recipients WITHOUT having to add multiple Zonmaster users.

So you can have Email1 get the notifications about Seller Feedback and User 2 get emails about Hijacks, etc.

Adding More Email Recipients

On the right hand side of the Notification Settings are you’ll see a place where you can add additional Email Receipients.

Once added, each of these Recipients will have the same set of possible settings, individually customizable!

We’re pretty proud here at Zonmaster of this new feature.

As always, it is available on ALL PLANS at ALL LEVELS (given the limits set out above). So start your free trial today and level up your Amazon Seller power!

Updates Instruction

New, Improved Zonmaster Order Manager

We’ve uploaded a new video to our YouTube Channel that details the functions and features of our new Order Manager page.

You can see the video here:

For those of you who prefer to read we’ll try to summarize things here.

Accessing the Order Manager

To get to the order manager select Orders from the Orders menu at the top.

The order manager provides all your details for both Amazon and Merchant (FBA and MFN) fulfilled orders.

Search and Filter

You can search and filter on a variety of aspects:

  • Date Range
  • ASIN
  • SKU
  • Buyer Email
  • Shipment details like city, state, postal code or tracking number.

For date ranges you can search on a predefined set of ranges, or enter in exact dates.As we’ll see later, you can also set date ranges by click on our charts.

On top of the searching, you can also filter your data.You can filter by

  • Fulfilment Channel
  • Orders that used promotions
  • Orders that generated seller feedback
  • Limit by marketplace here, or by chart clicking.
  • Order status – from unshipped to delivered, or returned or refunded
  • Whether the buyer is a repeat buyer
  • If the order or buyer has been marked as Do Not Solicit
  • Whether the order has been sent emails, not been sent emails or is has an email waiting to go out.
  • Whether an order has or has not had a review requested via Amazon’s review request feature.

Whew that’s a lot of filters!

But there’s more!

You can also filter orders by clicking on the charts at the top of the page. These charts show your entire history that we have inside Zonmaster. If you want to see orders for a specific channel, you can click that channel in the Sales By Channel pie chart. You can also limit by month by clicking on the month is the sales bar charts. These two can be combined as well, or also combined with any filters you might have set in the filter section.

You can set any of these things, then click filter to update the table below.

Order Data

The order details we show here are

  • The marketplace
  • How the order was fulfilled
  • The purchase date
  • Some order info such as order id, how many items were purchases and what asins and skus were purchased. You can click on the Order ID to go to the order details page on Zonmaster, or, you can click on the little amazon  logo to be taken to the order details page on Amazon. We show more info on our page I think
  • Order status icon. You can hover over this to get a little more info, or see the full info on the order page.
  • Basic location info of the shipment, like city and region or state or province, depending on country.
  • Quick summary of how many emails this order has been sent, if there is seller feedback from this order and whether a review request has been issued.

Select and Act on Orders

We also have a bunch of actions you can do on an order or orders if you select them. You select orders by clicking on the select box in the first column.If you select and order and go to the top of the select column you’ll see a dropdown. (you can also click on the box there to select or deselect all orders showing)

Send On Demand Email

You can see the first item after the selected order count is ‘Send Email’. Zonmaster finally gives you the ability to manually send an email template to an order.

If you choose the ‘Send Email’ option that dropdown a popup will appear.

Here you can choose what email template to send out. If you need to create a new template or want to edit an existing one you can click on the link in the green note at the bottom. If you choose a template from the dropdown the preview area will appear and you can see how to email will look to your buyer when they receive it.You’ll see that this is a good reason to give your email templates good names!

It’s important to note that the email WON’T go out if

  • the order or buyer is marked as DNS
  • the order has already received the email template before.

If you’re happy with it you can click continue to review, and then click send now to have the emails queued to be sent as soon as possible.

Other Actions

From the drop down you can also set orders as Do Not Solicit for Order. That means that no more emails will go out for the selected orders. If you choose Do Not Solicit for Buyer  – previously called Blacklist on Zonmaster – that means that no more emails will go to that buyer, for this order or any future orders they may buy from you.If you select these you’ll see the status updated on the order row. It can of course be easily removed.

Custom DNS Upload Tool

If you have existing list of orders you want marked as DNS you can use our Custom DNS Upload tool which can be found under the Orders menu.You can paste in up to 1000 Amazon order ids, select the action you want – either DNS on the Order or DNS on the Buyer – and whether you are setting or removing the flags. Click submit and that’s it!

We hope you like the enhancements we’ve made to the Order Manager!

Zonmaster helps Amazon sellers monitor, manage, and automate emails, product reviews, orders, and feedback. Build professional email templates with gifs, emojis, buttons, and attachments. A/B test subject lines and view open rate analytics. Send or exclude emails based on triggers such as refunds, shipment, delivery, feedback, and repeat buyers. Track and manage all product reviews. Instant notifications whenever a review is posted.

Start your free trial today!


Changes to the Zonmaster Product Page

We have quite an exhaustive (and exhausting!) list of updates to Zonmaster in our 2021 Roadmap. We’ve seen some changes already, but the latest is part 1 of our improvements to the Products listing.

What’s Changed

Simplified Line Listing

We have removed some of the more confusing columns to focus on the essentials.

Orders Chart

With the extra space we have added an inline orders graph that shows you the number of orders broken down by day for the past 30 days. We also show you the total number of orders in the past 30 days and the total number of units ordered. You can sort on these too!


Initially we are generating labels for your products based on the Amazon categories that your product is sold in.

Coming soon will be customized label adding and editing.

Label Filtering

Apart from the pretty colors, there’s not much point to adding labels if you can’t filter on them. On the products page is a ‘tag cloud’ showing your Top Labels (up to 25). This area is clickable and clicking on the label will filter the page to only show those products with the appropriate label.

Clickable Graph

You can now click on the Sales Chart at the top of the page to go to the product in question.

Financial Data [Coming Soon]

We will be adding sales figures to the line listing soon, so you can see the income related to each product. This will be part of our new financial features upgrade that will be coming in Q2 2021.

Also included in the Financials upgrade will be more comprehensive Cost of Goods (COGs) features that will also be shown on the products line.

We are always looking to improve Zonmaster and give you the best after-sales product out there for Amazon Sellers. We add all these features and they all come included in your subscription, regardless of which subscription plan you are on!

Start your Free Trial today and join the over 17,000 Amazon Sellers who have signed up for our services.


Enhanced Conditions for Auto Review Requests

We’ve updated our ground-breaking Auto Review Request feature to now allow you to hone down those review requests, if you so wish.

To be clear: All of this described here is OPTIONAL. By default, when you turn on ‘Auto Review Requests’ inside Zonmaster for an Amazon seller account we automatically

  1. Issue Review Requests using Amazon’s own built-in review request process. This will ask for reviews in the buyer’s native language, so you don’t need to worry about that!
  2. Not issue Review Requests for refunded and/or returned orders
  3. Only issue Review Requests for orders delivered between 4 and 30 days ago (per Amazon’s instructions).

You can use the new settings screen (see below) to set the following:

Date Range

  • Change the date range. If you want to wait (for example) until the order has been delivered for 15 days you can set that here.

Things to Note: 

The maximum is 30 days and the minimum is 4 days.

SKU selection

  • Choose which SKUs will receive Review Requests

Things to Note:

Zonmaster (like Amazon!) actually runs on SKUs, not ASINs. If you have multiple SKUs on a single ASIN remember to select them all

You can choose which SKUs to EXCLUDE (i.e. NOT send review requests to) or which ones to INCLUDE (i.e. send review requests to). Make sure you pick it the right way round.

We do not recommend limiting SKUs (or dates) unless you have a really good reason. Like most things with Amazon, the defaults work best!

We hope this helps you. Using Auto Review Requests is a PROVEN way to maximise your reviews.

News Updates

Staying Compliant with Buyer-Seller Messaging – Zonmaster Releases ‘Compliance Checker’ Tool!

On September 8, 2020, Amazon posted an announcement in Seller Central that they would be making changes to the Buyer-Seller Messaging Guidelines, effective November 3, 2020. Failure to become or remain compliant with these new guidelines could result in a 30-day or lifetime restriction of your ability to send Buyer-Seller Messages.

For more information on these changes, be sure to check out Amazon Communications Policy Updates.

What is Zonmaster doing?

Zonmaster has ALWAYS automatically included the Order ID in emails – so you don’t need to worry about that new requirement from Amazon.

Compliance Checker

We’ve just released our new tool that will AUTOMATICALLY check the compliance of your emails in several areas:

  • Product Images
  • Emojis
  • Non-secure URLs
  • Email addresses in the body
  • Images that are not secure
  • Use of the word “coupon” or “promotion”

This tool should be live NOW in your account on Zonmaster.

You will see notifications about potentially non-compliant email templates in a few places.

On Your Dashboard

If any emails are failing the compliance checker you’ll see something like this at the top of your dashboard

On The Email Template Listing Page

A small warning will show up underneath the trigger details

On The Email Template Details Page

A warning block will display near the top of the page, underneath the sending chart.

An Important Note

While we have taken measures to help you remain compliant in your Buyer-Seller Messages, there are certain things for which we cannot screen, such as:

  • Intent of a message
  • Grammar or spelling errors
  • Logos with URLs
  • Content and style of attachments

In a nutshell, while we will keep Zonmaster compliant and do our best to keep your messages compliant, you are still in control of and responsible for the content of your messages.


Improved Sales Rank Tracking for Multiple Marketplace Sellers

We’ve had Sales Rank tracking in Zonmaster since the beginning, but, finally we have gotten around to bringing it more up to date. The first step in these improvements – there are more to come! – is improving the tracking and display for those of you selling the same SKU in multiple marketplaces (we’re talking to you, Amazon EU sellers!).

On each product’s main page we now show you the marketplace in addition to the description and the latest ranking.


The ‘breakout’ links (after each Category name) will take you to that page on Amazon. The exception are these ‘display_on_website’ pseudo categories that Amazon has. We are working on a fix for that.

To see historical graphs, click on the small ‘See History’ text.

That will take you to a page showing you your Sales Rank histories.

We hope you like these more detailed charts and the better breakdown by marketplace.


Date Format In Emails Now ‘Region’ Aware

If you have included a date variable – order_date or package_eta – in your emails they date will now be formatted in a way that is correct for the marketplace they purchase from.

That means:

Amazon North America (, and mm/dd/yyyy

Amazon Europe (,,,, dd/mm/yyyy

Amazon Australia : dd/mm/yyyy

Amazon India: dd-mm-yyyy

Amazon Japan: yyyy年mm月dd日