Getting More Positive Seller Feedback

I’m sure you know this already, but, people are lazy. This can sometimes go in your favor, if you know how to take advantage of it.

We have a new shortcode available for your email templates that DOES take advantage of this irrefutable fact to get you more positive seller feedback.

The shortcode is called ‘positive_feedback_link’ and it in this post we’ll describe it’s configuration and usage.

About the shortcode

The ‘positive_feedback_link’ shortcode has 3 parts (two of which are optional)

  1. Short Code Identifier. Obviously mandatory, it is the way we know you want this code included. Usage: %%positive_feedback_link%%
  2. Customizable Anchor Text. Optional. If you want your link to say something special like ‘Click here to give us great feedback’. The Anchor text is anything after the colon (:). Usage: %%positive_feedback_link:Click here to give us great feedback%%’
  3. Customizable Pre-Filled Comment. Optional. When the Seller Feedback Form is pulled up on Amazon it will have this text prefilled into the comments box. Play nice! Don’t go over the top. The comment text is anything after the pipe character (|). Usage: %%positive_feedback_link:Anchor Text|Shipping was fast, and customer service was great!%%

When your customers click the link the page they land on will have 5 stars selected and ‘yes’ to all the questions. Something like this.

ZonMaster's Positive Seller Feedback tool

We hope you find this kind of short code useful!


New Shortcode – Review Link Button

Just a quickie.

Users like visual cues and often respond better to an image than the 1000 words it represents 😉

So we’ve added a new shortcode – %%review_link_button%% – that replaces the text link to have your customers review your product  with a button.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes!


Changes to the Email Template Creator

Adding All Items

A lot of you just have one set of templates, so you want those to go out to all your buyers. We’ve made that a little easier with our new ‘Use For All Items’ switch.

Turning this on (as seen above) means that this template will apply to all orders in the selected marketplace, regardless of which item was bought. It has the added benefit of being ‘always on’, so if you add new items for sale in Amazon you don’t need to worry about remembering to add them to your email template.

Choosing Individual Items

Some of you have a LOT of different items for sale, and our old way of choosing items for an email template just couldn’t handle it. We’ve now added a paged view of your items, complete with search box. Clicking the check box next to an items adds it. Simple!

Why Add Items?

We get this question a lot, so it’s worth addressing here. You have to add some or all of your items into an email template so the template knows who to send to.



More Stats! See your success in Category Ranking

In another new feature, we’ve rolled out Category Ranking stats and charts.

We’ve always shown you how Amazon is ranking your items. Now we are keeping a history of that, and showing you the trend in each Category. As with almost everything in ZonMaster, we track ALL your items for ALL the categories. We really hate limits.

How To See The Amazon Category Ranking

We’re showing this in two places. First is on the items detail page. We give you a quick display of all categories and whether things are looking up (or down).

For each category you can click on the name to go to that Category on Amazon.

Clicking on the ‘Details’ link takes you to a page showing graphs of all your ranking history, in all categories, for this item. We only started track from January 1st, 2017, so as of this writing the charts are pretty bare. Give us time!

If things are looking up the Trend line is in green. If not, it will be in red.

Amazon Category Ranking

This is just the first rollout of this feature. We will be improving the robustness over time.

Again, as always, this Category Rank tracking is available on ALL ZonMaster subscriptions.