Getting More Positive Seller Feedback

I’m sure you know this already, but, people are lazy. This can sometimes go in your favor, if you know how to take advantage of it.

We have a new shortcode available for your email templates that DOES take advantage of this irrefutable fact to get you more positive seller feedback.

The shortcode is called ‘positive_feedback_link’ and it in this post we’ll describe it’s configuration and usage.

About the shortcode

The ‘positive_feedback_link’ shortcode has 3 parts (two of which are optional)

  1. Short Code Identifier. Obviously mandatory, it is the way we know you want this code included. Usage: %%positive_feedback_link%%
  2. Customizable Anchor Text. Optional. If you want your link to say something special like ‘Click here to give us great feedback’. The Anchor text is anything after the colon (:). Usage: %%positive_feedback_link:Click here to give us great feedback%%’
  3. Customizable Pre-Filled Comment. Optional. When the Seller Feedback Form is pulled up on Amazon it will have this text prefilled into the comments box. Play nice! Don’t go over the top. The comment text is anything after the pipe character (|). Usage: %%positive_feedback_link:Anchor Text|Shipping was fast, and customer service was great!%%

When your customers click the link the page they land on will have 5 stars selected and ‘yes’ to all the questions. Something like this.

ZonMaster's Positive Seller Feedback tool

We hope you find this kind of short code useful!

Team Zonmaster

By Team Zonmaster

Phil Smy, a passionate software developer and tech entrepreneur with over 25 years of industry experience. Phil’s journey has taken him across diverse industries, from online gambling to kids toys, providing him with invaluable insights and expertise.

2 replies on “Getting More Positive Seller Feedback”

Thanks. But just FYI, the example Feedback in your image: “Really enjoying this product!” is exactly the kind of feedback considered WRONG. This is a 100% product example, so could even be removed automatically (if someone desired to do so in their acct). Maybe your example could instead say: “Shipping was fast, and customer service was . . . “

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