New Look And Feel

We’ve updated the Zonmaster website!

When you log in you’ll see that we’ve made some visual changes. All of this sits on top of some big internal changes. But most if not all the features you used should still be where they were, and working pretty much the same.

Please let us know if you encounter any issues.

In the next week or so we will be readying our much-anticipated Automatic Review Request tool. A separate post on here will go into details about that!


Coming Soon – Auto Review Requests – Beta Testers Needed

We are close to releasing an exciting new feature

Automatic Review Requests

What is it?

Well, you know Amazon has rolled out this new little button called ‘Request a Review’. It looks like this:


This is Amazon’s new way that they want you to use to request a review from your customers. You shouldn’t be doing that via email. The issue is, this is a button on the website. If you’re a successful seller you don’t want to click this a few hundred times a day, of even pay someone to do it.

The Zonmaster Way

Let Zonmaster look after that for you. Soon we’ll have a button on Zonmaster to activate automatic review requests. Fully automatic. You turn it on and we send out those requests for you, to the orders you want (default is all orders except returned and refunded).

The thing is, we need some testers! Please apply by sending us a message to with the subject line: ‘Want To Try Automatic Review Requests’. People who apply – and we’ll just be taking on a few – will get a few weeks head start over everyone else on this exciting development!

DO NOT PUT A COMMENT ON THIS POST. It won’t get answered and that won’t get you into the program.

We have all the testers we need for round 1. Thank you!