Date Format In Emails Now ‘Region’ Aware

If you have included a date variable – order_date or package_eta – in your emails they date will now be formatted in a way that is correct for the marketplace they purchase from.

That means:

Amazon North America (, and mm/dd/yyyy

Amazon Europe (,,,, dd/mm/yyyy

Amazon Australia : dd/mm/yyyy

Amazon India: dd-mm-yyyy

Amazon Japan: yyyy年mm月dd日


Instruction Updates

New Customer Filter – Subscribe & Save

We’ve added a new way to filter (or target, depends on your point of view!) customers.

Subscribe & Save

This filter is found at the bottom of the ‘Stop On…?’ dropdown in the ‘Exclude’ section while editing an Email Template.

Remember this is an EXCLUDE not include function so this is what they do:

1)  ‘Is Subscribe & Save Customer’ means: this email will NOT go to S&S Customers

2) ‘Is Not Subscribe & Save Customer’ means: this email will ONLY go to S&S Customers

Perhaps a little backwards, but we didn’t want to clutter the interface with more options!

As always, this is a new feature so please give us your feedback on its effectiveness. And if you have any other suggestions for filters or other improvements we are always keen to hear them! Use our ‘Contact Us‘ page to get in touch.