New Marketplaces Added

Just a quick update to let you know that we have added full support for Amazon Sweden and Amazon Turkey to Zonmaster!

Our Supported Marketplaces


Enhanced Conditions for Auto Review Requests

We’ve updated our ground-breaking Auto Review Request feature to now allow you to hone down those review requests, if you so wish.

To be clear: All of this described here is OPTIONAL. By default, when you turn on ‘Auto Review Requests’ inside Zonmaster for an Amazon seller account we automatically

  1. Issue Review Requests using Amazon’s own built-in review request process. This will ask for reviews in the buyer’s native language, so you don’t need to worry about that!
  2. Not issue Review Requests for refunded and/or returned orders
  3. Only issue Review Requests for orders delivered between 4 and 30 days ago (per Amazon’s instructions).

You can use the new settings screen (see below) to set the following:

Date Range

  • Change the date range. If you want to wait (for example) until the order has been delivered for 15 days you can set that here.

Things to Note: 

The maximum is 30 days and the minimum is 4 days.

SKU selection

  • Choose which SKUs will receive Review Requests

Things to Note:

Zonmaster (like Amazon!) actually runs on SKUs, not ASINs. If you have multiple SKUs on a single ASIN remember to select them all

You can choose which SKUs to EXCLUDE (i.e. NOT send review requests to) or which ones to INCLUDE (i.e. send review requests to). Make sure you pick it the right way round.

We do not recommend limiting SKUs (or dates) unless you have a really good reason. Like most things with Amazon, the defaults work best!

We hope this helps you. Using Auto Review Requests is a PROVEN way to maximise your reviews.