Multi-lingual NickNames

We’ve had nicknames for quite some time. Nicknames are essentially custom titles you can give to products for the sake of having something short and sweet in the email and not having the (let’s face it, sometimes ridiculously long!) product title that you have on Amazon.

And now, Zonmaster supports giving an item a different nickname per marketplace.

How To Set It

Go to your items page here ( Choose an item. This feature works best for those of you selling in Europe, where you have lots of marketplaces for a single item.

You’ll see something like this.

You can now click on the flags to show you the details for each marketplace. Notice that there is a “Nickname” field now in the right hand block. You can click on the word “Empty” and a popup entry field will display, where you can enter in a shortened (or whatever) nickname that will only be used for this marketplace (in this example, Germany).


There is still the old nickname field on the left, underneath the product image. This can be used as a “default” nickname, used when no marketplace specific nickname is entered. You can also use this if you see no need to enter marketplace-specific nicknames.