Add Your Store Logo To Your Emails

Increase Your Brand Visibility

One thing that many Amazon FBA sellers strive for is brand awareness (we’ve linked in a cool article about building brand awareness). And one key to this in the crowded (dare I say ‘bustling’?) space of the Amazon Marketplace is a great logo.

Now in your ZonMaster email templates you can automatically include your store logo in emails going out to your customers.

Here’s how

1 – Upload Your Store Logo

  1. Go to your Amazon Stores page (here)
  2. Choose your Amazon store (you can have a different logo per store. Indeed, you HAVE to upload a logo to each store, they can’t be shared)
  3. Use the file uploader on the right to upload a logo.

We have a placeholder logo there for you (don’t worry, it won’t get sent out, even if you use the tags and don’t upload a logo)

The Logo Uploader


2 – Edit Your Templates

  1. Go to you Email Templates (here)
  2. Choose the Template you wish to edit
  3. Include one of the following tags in your email, whereever you wish to show your logo
    1. %%store_logo_small%% for a 100×100* sized version of YOUR Amazon store logo
    2. %%store_logo_medium%% for a 300×300* sized version of YOUR Amazon store logo
    3. %%store_logo_full%% for the full sized (whatever you uploaded) version of YOUR Amazon store logo

That’s it!

(* when we say 100×100 or 300×300 we mean that your logo will be resized so that it’s biggest dimension will be a maximum of 100 or 300 pixels. We don’t mean we’ll make your logo square, no matter what it is!)

Here at ZonMaster we’re committed to constant improvements in our service! Let us know how we’re doing.


[New Marketplace] ZonMaster Supports Amazon Japan

Amazon FBA Japan Support

A lot of you have requested this and now we are happy to report that ZonMaster supports all you Amazon Sellers who are selling on (Japan).

All our features including review matching and seller feedback support are available in this new marketplace. All ZonMaster accounts have access to this new territory.

How To Add An Amazon Japan Account

The process is that same as other marketplaces.

  1. Go your Stores page (find it here)
  2. Click ‘Add New Amazon Store
  3. Select ‘Amazon JP‘ from the Select Marketpalce dropdown
  4. You’ll see instructions on how to get your Amazon JP MWS auth token and give us access. Make sure you save the auth token they give you.
  5. Fill in a clever store name
  6. Enter your Amazon JP Seller ID
  7. Enter your Amazon JP MWS Auth Token (that you got in step 4)
  8. Click Validate

We’ll go off and make sure everything is hunky dory and if it is (which it should be) you’ll be prompted for the sending email information.

We’ll start pulling down your Amazon Japan info as soon as possible.

Please Note

If you want review matching and seller feedback pulled down you need to give us the addition Seller Central permissions (see the video here about that), but this time for

That’s it!

Then you too can start seeing reviews like this!

Instruction Updates

Receive instant SMS/Email Alerts on Negative Feedback and Reviews

You know, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – our customers are the best source of ideas for new features!

This one came directly from a group of you that wanted a better way to hear about negative seller feedback and reviews. So we came up with this one: how about we notify you instantly via email, Twitter or even SMS?

So we did it!

Great Amazon FBA Customer Service

We think that for any serious Amazon FBA Seller – indeed for anyone serious about business – customer service is really important. Here at ZonMaster we treat it as priority #1 and I’m sure you do the same. Getting negative feedback from a customer is an opportunity to find out where you went wrong and to try and fix the situation. That’s why we think getting this notification as fast as possible is a good thing. Also, the faster you respond the better chance you have of rescuing the relationship with your customer. (Oh, did I just give a lesson on customer service?! Sorry!).

Anyway, now in ZonMaster you can configure notifications to be sent out on a store by store basis. Below I’ve got a video, but, I just want to make this point clear:

If you sell in Amazon US and Amazon EU (or India or wherever) you can (have to) configure these notification settings on a store by store basis inside ZonMaster. That means that notifications for a negative review in Europe can go to your European support team and the US ones go to your North American team.

Again, there is a video, but, the basics are

  • Log In To ZonMaster
  • Go To You Stores Page
  • Choose a Store
  • Edit the settings for Notifications. These are ‘inline editing’ fields, so just click on the values you want to change


Here’s a full video of making the changes

[youtube id=0vsCGaKat3Y]