Fighting Fake Amazon Reviews and Online Bullying: A Case Study

This article delves into the growing issue of fake Amazon reviews, highlighting seller experiences, ethical concerns, and methods to combat the problem.

The Internet, with its limitless opportunities for connection and commerce, also harbors dark corners, one of which is the problem of fake Amazon reviews. This blog post delves into a specific instance that underscores the issue of fake Amazon reviews and how sellers are attempting to combat it.

The Dilemma

In a recent discussion thread, an Amazon seller raised concerns about a competitor’s conduct, specifically accusing them of leaving fake Amazon reviews, both negative and unverified, on their product listings. This problem extended to online bullying across platforms like TikTok and Instagram. The seller sought Amazon’s intervention to remove these fake Amazon reviews but also made it clear that they would not retaliate in kind.

This personal experience set the stage for a broader conversation about ethics in the competitive marketplace, prompting others to share their struggles and remedies for dealing with fake Amazon reviews.

Amazon’s Code of Conduct

One seller directed the victim to Amazon’s Seller Code of Conduct, a policy that explicitly prohibits actions such as reviewing your own or competitors’ products and influencing customer feedback. It’s designed to safeguard against fake Amazon reviews and provides a systematic way to report violations.

Legal Avenues

Another seller suggested a legal remedy, recommending that a lawyer send a demand letter to Amazon’s Legal department to block the competitor from leaving fake Amazon reviews. This legal approach could escalate the situation and force immediate action.

Social Media Investigative Research

An interesting account from another seller described how they tackled fake Amazon reviews by investigating a reviewer’s connections on Facebook and presenting evidence of their intention to harm Amazon sellers. This discovery prompted Amazon to remove several fake Amazon reviews.

The Growing Concern of Fake Amazon Reviews

The thread unearthed a worrying trend: fake Amazon reviews are becoming a business, with individuals paid to leave negative feedback. The monetization of fake Amazon reviews emphasizes the alarming scale of the issue.


The insights from this discussion highlight a complex and widespread problem that affects not just sellers but undermines customer trust. Fake Amazon reviews are a concern that transcends Amazon, affecting the entire e-commerce landscape.

It’s imperative for Amazon and other platforms to recognize the gravity of fake Amazon reviews and invest in mechanisms to detect and prevent these unethical practices. Sellers must remain watchful, adhere to ethical guidelines, and utilize legal avenues when needed.

The case detailed here is also a crucial reminder to consumers to approach online reviews with skepticism. The integrity of reviews, especially on platforms like Amazon, is essential for guiding purchasing decisions. Ensuring that fake Amazon reviews are minimized requires concerted efforts from all stakeholders. In a world teeming with product choices, honest reviews can lead the way, and every participant must play a role in preserving that honesty.

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