Dealing with Amazon’s Shoppers Opt Out of Unsolicited Emails

Amazon updated its Buyer-Seller Messaging system on March 28, 2017, to allow shoppers to opt out of unsolicited emails sent from third-party merchants.

You can still email shoppers asking for reviews and feedback, though. Want to make sure you don’t email a buyer who has opted out again?

Now using ZonMaster’s Bulk Order Blocker  you can paste in as many Amazon Order Numbers as you like and we’ll make sure – in one fell swoop! – that those customers no longer get emails from you. This solution is not ideal (as you still have to gather the order numbers) – it’s a stop-gap until we can implement a fully automatic system.

If you have customer email addresses you can use ZonMaster’s Bulk Blacklist tool (which we’ve had since day 1). That let’s you paste in email addresses and we’ll stop them from getting any emails in the future.


Send Template Based on Fulfilment Channel

It’s the simple things that can be the most powerful!

We’ve added a feature that quite a few of you have asked for – sending templates based on how the order was sent out. A new menu on the template settings let’s you choose this. All old templates by default have been set to ‘All’.

Send Emails Based on Amazon Fulfillment Channel with ZonMaster



In know 99% of you know, but SEO requirements on this post insist I put this in here 😉

FBA means Fulfillment by Amazon. You’ve sent you stuff to Amazon, somewhere in the world. They store it in their warehouse and do the Pick, Pack and Post.

MFN means Merchant Fulfillment Network. You have the goods somewhere outside of Amazon (either in your garage or at some 3rd party warehouse) and are simply selling on Amazon. When an order comes in you pack it up and send it out.

These things are sometimes called AFN (Amazon Fulfillment Network) for FBA and FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) for MFN.