Zonmaster Planned Maintenance/Downtime: The Purge!

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve done a lot of changes in Zonmaster recently! We’ve updated the:

So now we are going to update our backend infrastructure! Unfortunately, to do this requires some downtime.

Downtime Scheduled for Monday June 14, 2021

During the downtime the site will be unavailable. We thank you for your patience and understanding!

The Purge

Zonmaster has been around for a long time! We are one of the oldest (and best, we like to think) 3rd Party Tools for Amazon Sellers. But, because of our age (we are 7 years old!) we have a lot of baggage in the storage area.

Please Note: If you are a current member of Zonmaster – either paid or still in your free trial – you have NOTHING to read about here. Your account will be unchanged, regardless of how much data we have of yours.

Accounts dormant for 6 months or more will be archived

This means that your data (customers, orders, products, etc) will be completely removed from our system.


New Multilingual Email Templates For Your Use

Just a quick update!

We’ve changed our ‘Prebuilt Templates’. They were getting a bit old and tired, so we’ve given you whole new sets of them and redesigned the interface a little.

The Interface

Like before, you access the Prebuilt Templates from the Email Template Manager page. At the top of the page you have two choices ‘Create New Email Template’ or ‘Load Prebuilt Template’. You want to choose the latter.

You’ll be presented with a popup that lets you choose from our Prebuilt Templates. This is an ‘accordion’ (no polka music required!), broken down by the templates we offer. Right now we have:

Feedback Driver

This is one of our older templates. It’s been proven effective, so we left it!

Seller Feedback and Product Review Request

  • Available in 6 Languages
  • Asks for both Seller Feedback and a Product Review.

Seller Feedback Request

  • Available in 6 Languages
  • Asks for Seller Feedback only

Product Review Request

  • Available in 6 languages
  • Asks for Product Review only

We’ll be adding more templates shortly!

How To Use

  1. Find the email template you wish to load.
  2. Click ‘Load’
  3. A copy of the template will appear in your Email Templates list
  4. Edit the template to your needs.
Prebuilt Template loaded into your list

Once the template is loaded into your account you are free to edit it as you wish. We strongly urge you to edit the template to ensure that

It is targeting the proper products

By default Prebuilt Templates target ALL your products

It is targeting the proper marketplace(s)

By default Prebuilt Templates target ALL marketplaces (regardless of the language the template is in)

It has the right send settings for you

We will preset the template to what we think is a sensible timeframe, but you may wish to change that.

Edit these settings and save the template.

Preview it!

Do not enable any email template without first previewing it to see that it looks like you think it should.