Download a Database of your Customers

For our higher-level customers, we offer the ability to download a CSV file of your customers, their purchases and your interactions with them.

Up until now, this feature has been ‘on request’ only, meaning that you had to email us and we would create the file and email it to you. This was always problematic (as those of you who requested it know!). Now we finally offer a way for you to do this for yourself!

What it is

A CSV file (read about it here) is a way for you to get your data and import it into a spreadsheet of your choice (like Excel). The Zonmaster CSV file contains all your customer info – name, address, Amazon customer email, etc – but also their order numbers, reviews and feedback. It also includes what emails you’ve sent them.

How to get it

[EDIT: The location was moved!] Go to your subscription info page:

Zonmaster allows you to download your customer data

A little down the page you’ll see a section called ‘Download Your Data’. If you’re on the Zonmaster Plan (or higher) the ‘Request Customer CSV’ button will be active. By clicking it you’ll start a process where our servers will create the CSV file. Then we’ll automatically email you when it’s ready with a link to download it.

You can request a download a maximum of once every 7 days. The CSV file will contain data from the last 90 days.

Please let us know if you have any issues with this new feature.

Of course, it’s up to you to use this data responsibly!