Latest From Amazon UK about VAT and Brexit

This just in from Amazon UK:

Starting January 1, 2021, as part of Brexit, a new set of VAT rules will apply in the UK.

If you are delivering goods to UK customers from outside of the UK:
– The current VAT exemption for sales of goods under £15 will be removed. All of your sales of goods will now be subject to VAT.
– If the shipment value of these goods does not exceed £135, Amazon will be required to collect and remit the applicable VAT.
– If the shipment value exceeds £135, you will still have to remit VAT and any import duties yourself, as you are currently doing.

If you are delivering goods to UK customers from inventory stored in the UK, and your place of establishment is outside of the UK, Amazon will be required to collect and remit the applicable VAT. This will affect both sellers who use FBA in the UK and those who use third-party fulfilment methods.

If you are delivering goods to UK customers from outside the UK, and the customer is VAT-registered in the UK (B2B customer), Amazon will not be required to collect and remit VAT.  The VAT-registered customer will self-report UK VAT through their VAT return.

In preparation for these changes, please ensure that your Seller Central account details are up-to-date and that you continue to provide list prices that are inclusive of VAT for the marketplaces you list on.

The UK government is expected to publish the finalized legislation for these changes during Q4 of 2020. We are here to help you prepare for these changes, and we’ll keep you updated on any changes to current expectations. Refer to our Help page for the latest information:

Please also note that the above changes do not alter your VAT registration obligations. If you need help with VAT registration and filing in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, and the Czech Republic, visit VAT Services on Amazon to sign up:


Amazon FBA Free Shipping to Germany, Poland, and Czech Republic

With Amazon’s planned closure of the EFN and the pan-European UK-EU FBA from January 1, 2021, it is clear that they want merchants to get into the habit of shipping their stocks directly to their European FBA warehouse. For starters, there is an Amazon FBA Free Shipping promotion for sending goods from the UK to FBA warehouses in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Free shipping means that you send the goods and Amazon takes care of the bill, although there are some restrictions – you must use the Amazon Partnered Carrier (PCP) program and it only covers small packages, with Amazon specifically excluding pallets from the promotion.

Naturally, you will need to be aware of certain issues, such as whether you are required to pay VAT in the countries where your goods are sold and stored. Please be aware that VAT obligations may change from 1 January 2021.

Translated with (free version)

Amazon FBA Free Shipping promotion details

The criteria to qualify for Amazon FBA promotion for free shipping are:

  • Shipment is sent from an address in the UK.
  • Shipment is sent to an Amazon warehouse in Germany (DE), Poland (PL), or Czech Republic (CZ) for FBA.
  • Shipment is created in Seller Central after 11 August 2020 and before 4 September 2020.
  • Shipment is received at an Amazon warehouse in DE, PL, or CZ after 11 August 2020 and before 18 September 2020.
  • Small-parcel shipments only (pallets not eligible).
  • Shipment is sent with the UPS Partnered Carrier Programme (PCP).

Key Amazon Partnered Carrier Programme features

The Amazon Partnered Carrier Programme (PCP)is designed to enable you to ship small parcels to Amazon fulfilment centres across Europe at deeply discounted rates. You can get an estimate of shipping charges, make payments, and track PCP shipments directly from within Seller Central.

  • Faster processing

With an Amazon-experienced carrier, your orders are processed faster at our fulfilment centres, making your inventory available to customers sooner

  • Save on shipping costs

Lower your shipping costs with discounted shipping from the UK to any fulfilment centre in Europe

  • £2,000 per unit coverage

With a PCP carrier, Amazon assumes responsibility for lost or damaged inventory up to £2,000 per unit, according to FBA policy

  • Easier payment and better visibility

Estimate rates, make payments and track your shipment from Seller Central

  • No sign-up or minimum commitment

No sign-up required. Use PCP on a per-shipment basis with no minimum commitment


[Amazon] Amazon FBA Europe – Coronavirus-related changes for Winter

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Amazon has had to make rapid adjustments, initially including the interruption of incoming FBA deliveries, the extension of delivery dates for inventories already in the FBA and the interruption of relocation orders. Things are returning to normal, but the first coronavirus winter is just around the corner and Amazon is only too aware of the impact of the restrictions on your business. All the smart money is, unfortunately, betting that the virus will spread again at a second peak, so a coronavirus winter is a very likely scenario – although the government is against a second national lockdown, local lockdowns will become the norm.

Amazon has already hired more employees and invested billions of dollars in COVID-related initiatives to meet increased customer demand and to protect the health and well-being of employees when selecting, packaging and shipping your products to customers.

Although it’s July, Amazon is preparing early for the holiday season to meet the continued growth in demand across Europe. They say they have already reduced their own orders of retail products to accommodate more of your products and help you continue to grow sales.

To ensure that Amazon is prepared for a coronavirus winter, the following changes will affect your business:

Amazon Coronavirus Winter Preparations

  • Change in the threshold values of the Inventory Performance Index (IPI)

    To ensure that all products have space during peak periods, Amazon is changing the minimum IPI requirement to 500, with the limits applicable from September 1, 2020 until the end of the year for providers under 500.

    It was only in May that Amazon raised the minimum requirement for the IPI threshold to 400 (previously 350), so you should be aware of this change.

    Amazon says that most providers will not be affected by this change. They add that most providers with IPI values below 500 will have more storage than they used last year.

    You can improve your IPI by following the instructions displayed on the Inventory Performance Board to improve sales by or reducing your excess and stranded inventory.

  • Quantity limits

    To maximize customer choice during peak periods, Amazon is introducing ASIN-level quantity limits on products at the FBA. For most products, there will be enough space available for more than three months of sales.

    This is an issue for many retailers because it means you have to check line by line how much stock you can send to Amazon. The days are over when you received a shipment from your manufacturer and handed the entire lot over to FBA. This restriction will be even more critical for overseas sellers or those who routinely ship directly from the manufacturer to Amazon stores.

    You can view your product quantity limits on the Replenishment Stock page and on the Replenishment Report. We will continually review this and, if possible, make adjustments to allow for more of your products.

  • Free removals promotion

    To help you avoid the cost of storing unsold products and make room for more productive inventory, Amazon offers a free disposal cost promotion for a limited time. Amazon waives its fee for all disposal orders submitted to the FBA for inventory. This promotion is not live, although they have not specified an end date.

    To create a disposal order, visit the inventory age page and select “Create Removal Order” from the menu next to each FBA item in your inventory. For more information, see the frequently asked questions on this help page.


In Case You Missed It – ZM ShopMaster – Zonmaster For Shopify Stores

ZM Shopmaster is now live on the Shopify App Store. You can find it here.

ZMShopmaster gives you similar features to Zonmaster (some of the triggers are different and we are growing the feature set out to match Zonmaster) but for your Shopify store.

We hope you give it a try and if you have any advice on making it better, let us know!

ZM Shopmaster

See our promo video below


[URGENT] Check Your Permissions (especially for Auto Review Request)

Amazon has changed its permissions structure again. This means that for us to be able to successfully send out automated Review Requests you will need to update the permissions you have given the Zonmaster secondary user on your account.

Please check the SCI Seller Central Integration page ( on Zonmaster for full detailed instructions on what permissions we need. Until that is done by you in your Amazon Seller Central mostly likely Auto Review Requests will not be sent!

Thanks for your cooperation!

EDIT: Looks like we were wrong about one setting, so please double check!


Zonmaster for Shopify is coming!

We’ve been busy over here at Zonmaster Central working on our new product –  Zonmaster for Shopify!

We’re looking for a couple of Shopify sellers who might want to help us out with a little testing.

If you are interested and have an active shop of Shopify please SEND US AN EMAIL to

DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS POST – it’s not monitored.

We’ll send you an invite to install the beta of our app.

Thanks for any help you can offer!


New Marketplaces Added (or made visible)

We’ve gone through the list of available Amazon marketplaces and exposed a couple of more inside the Zonmaster UI.

New marketplaces that you can target and see stats for include:

  • Netherlands
  • Singapore 
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE) 
  • Brazil


As usual, all these marketplaces are available to all Zonmaster customers, regardless of plan!

Instruction News

Using Amazon’s ‘Request a Review’ Automatically with ZonMaster

Amazon’s Big Change

Not so long ago Amazon began rolling out a new feature in Seller Central – a button that let’s you ‘Request a Review’ for an order.

The button appears on your orders page inside Seller Central.

When you click this button and the button on the following page, Amazon will send an email to the buyer asking them to review their purchase.

That’s nice. Because finally, we have an accepted, Amazon-provided, way to ask buyers for a review.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that it is 3 clicks PER ORDER (1 to select the order, 1 to click ‘Request a Review’ and 1 to click the ‘Are you sure?’ button). If you sell a lot, which is everyone’s goal, then that is a lot of clicking and time wasted.

That is why ZonMaster is happy to announce a fully automated way of requesting these reviews, and it couldn’t be simpler.

How to Configure Automatic Review Requests

1) Log in to Zonmaster

2) Go to your Store Settings page (under the settings menu)

3) Enable the ‘Request Reviews’ switch

That’s it. Zonmaster will then automatically request reviews for you using Amazon’s new feature.

You might see this:

That means you haven’t given us the necessary permissions to access your Seller Central. Click the button and follow the instructions.

What You Need to Know

1) You have NO CONTROL over the content of the email Amazon sends. The good news is that it means they will send it in the right language for your order.

2) Reviews can only be requested from orders DELIVERED between 4 and 30 days ago (this is also an Amazon restriction)

At the moment ZonMaster offers no further filtering or configuring of who these requests go to, but that will change in the coming weeks. We wanted to get this feature out to you as soon as possible.

3) Review Requests count as emails. If your ZonMaster plan lets you send 500 emails that means 500 emails OR Review Requests. You will see them displayed on your dashboard in a different colour on your Monthly Send progress bar.

4) Stop sending Review Request emails of your own. Amazon rolled this feature out so they would have some control over the requesting process. This means you should stop sending any emails to buyers whose primary purpose was to request a review. Emails should only go out if they contain additional relevant information about the products the buyer bought. This has not changed. Amazon has been saying this for years, but now they are enforcing it by suspending email priveledges from sellers they think are simply asking for reviews.

5) Review Requests will not go to Refunded or Returned orders.

We hope you’re as excited about this new feature as we are. It will save you TONS of time and get you a lot more reviews, all while staying in Amazon’s good books. It’s a win win!


New Look And Feel

We’ve updated the Zonmaster website!

When you log in you’ll see that we’ve made some visual changes. All of this sits on top of some big internal changes. But most if not all the features you used should still be where they were, and working pretty much the same.

Please let us know if you encounter any issues.

In the next week or so we will be readying our much-anticipated Automatic Review Request tool. A separate post on here will go into details about that!


Coming Soon – Auto Review Requests – Beta Testers Needed

We are close to releasing an exciting new feature

Automatic Review Requests

What is it?

Well, you know Amazon has rolled out this new little button called ‘Request a Review’. It looks like this:


This is Amazon’s new way that they want you to use to request a review from your customers. You shouldn’t be doing that via email. The issue is, this is a button on the website. If you’re a successful seller you don’t want to click this a few hundred times a day, of even pay someone to do it.

The Zonmaster Way

Let Zonmaster look after that for you. Soon we’ll have a button on Zonmaster to activate automatic review requests. Fully automatic. You turn it on and we send out those requests for you, to the orders you want (default is all orders except returned and refunded).

The thing is, we need some testers! Please apply by sending us a message to with the subject line: ‘Want To Try Automatic Review Requests’. People who apply – and we’ll just be taking on a few – will get a few weeks head start over everyone else on this exciting development!

DO NOT PUT A COMMENT ON THIS POST. It won’t get answered and that won’t get you into the program.

We have all the testers we need for round 1. Thank you!