Update Your Templates: Remove Buyer Name shortcodes

In the wake of yesterday’s news, we are STRONGLY recommending (i.e please do it!) you remove any buyer name related shortcodes/variables from your email templates.

These are:

  • %%buyer_name%%
  • %%buyer_first_name%%
  • %%buyer_last_name%%

For orders placed after September 4th or so, that data will not be available. Also, to those of you who just signed up to ZonMaster, that data will not be available for ANY of your orders.

Basically, if we have it, we have it, but we ain’t gettin’ it no more!

We realise this is a hassle, albeit not a disaster. All other facets of email templates and the ZonMaster system are working as usual.

This change affects ALL MARKETPLACES.


Amazon REMOVES Buyer Name and Address From Data

Some of you may have noticed that Buyer Name (and exact shipping address) are no longer available for your orders.

The reason for this change is because Amazon published a new Data Protection Policy earlier this year. This policy announced that Amazon will no longer provide Amazon seller software companies (such as ZonMaster) with identifiable buyer information (Personally Identifiable Information or PII).

This change affects ALL MARKETPLACES. For what you need to do in response to this change, please read this article.

What is PII Anyway?

Amazon defines PII as “any information that can be used on its own or with other information to identify, contact, or locate an individual (customer), or to identify an individual in context. This includes, but is not limited to, a customer name, address, e-mail address, phone number, gift message content, and purchases. As such, ZonMaster no longer has access to the buyer name information and can no longer populate this information for you within your ZonMaster email template.

Why Did Amazon Take Away Access To Buyer Names?

One of Amazon’s goals is to preserve the buyer experience and to shield their customers’ privacy and security. In order to do so, we believe they are taking these measures to prevent sellers from violating customers’ privacy and security, thereby maintaining Amazon’s reputation as well as your reputation as an Amazon seller. Amazon takes maintaining their customers’ privacy very seriously so it is important that you abide by the Amazon Terms of Service (TOS). Violations of TOS could potentially result in losing your Amazon selling privileges and seeing your account suspended.

But It’s Not ALL Bad!

You can still create a stellar customer experience without having the buyers’ names. Think of it this way…Every business begins with a customer. But every successful business begins with a happy customer. So use our Amazon email automation tool to create an exceptional customer experience to help you STAND OUT from the rest of your FBA competition. You can still create a personal, excellent buyer experience even if you don’t have the buyer name.

How To Create Excellent Customer Service

Like many busy Amazon sellers, you may not have the time or process to effectively communicate with your customers at pivotal moments and after specific triggering events. Knowing this, we designed ZonMaster to help you easily streamline your email follow-up strategy, enhance your customer relationships AND maintain a healthy seller reputation with Amazon with the power of automated communications. ZonMaster is a customizable, streamlined, and effective mechanism to communicate with your customers at pivotal moments and after specific trigger points. And as a busy Amazon seller, this is one less task you have to remember so that you can focus more time on growing your business and skyrocketing your sales.

Use ZonMaster To Provide Excellent Customer Service

ZonMaster gives you the ability to effectively communicate with your customer, obtain invaluable and honest client feedback, and better manage customer issues and expectations to really enhance your customer relationships.

One of the keys to building and maintaining a positive seller reputation and brand is to promptly address customer concerns or issues and to thoroughly answer client questions quickly. Think about the last time you had an issue with a product and the manufacturer promptly resolved the issue for you. Would you consider buying more products from this manufacturer? If you’re like most people, you remember a good experience and sometimes customer service is just as important as the quality of the product itself. Now think about the reverse situation where you received poor customer service or a delayed response to your issue. If you’re like most people, you also remember a bad experience. And you’ll probably share this bad experience with most of your friends and family. Yikes. This is every seller’s nightmare.

So don’t be that seller…. Use ZonMaster’s fully automated capabilities to efficiently deliver proactive service to set yourself apart from the rest of the sellers on Amazon – maintain a healthy Amazon seller reputation!

Keep on crushing it sellers!


Landing Pages will be landing soon!

It’s been a long time in development, but we’re finally almost ready to take the wrapping off our Landing Pages service – and we’re looking for people to give it a try and give us their advice on how it works.

If you’re interested please use the Contact Us form to request access to the Beta Landing Pages area.

Landing Pages Features

Quick Start

In just a few clicks you can have a landing page up for your product. Customize if you want to!

Claim Codes

You will be able to update your Claim Codes and have them displayed to the user to be used on checkout.

Build an Email List

Collect emails from people who hit your page

Fully Secure

Zonmaster Landing Pages are fully SSL/https compliant – meaning Google friendly!


Amazon Changes Third-Party Seller Pricing Policy

An article in “The Street” reports that at long last Amazon has changed one of it’s more painful pricing policies – that third-party sellers have to have their lowest price available on Amazon.

The clauses prevented sellers who listed on Amazon’s marketplace from listing their products more cheaply on other websites.

See the full article here

Amazon Changes Third-Party Seller Pricing Policy Amid Growing Pressure: Report 

Amazon has faced growing political pressure to change the requirement that third-parties offer their lower prices only on its platform.

Selling Beauty Products on Amazon? It’s the place to be!

A recent survey puts Amazon as the place that over 70% of respondents go to to buy beauty products. Especially interesting is the statistics that 65% use Amaon’s search to find the products.

Read the full article over on


Amazon ramping up “samples” program?

Amazon has allowed some companies to send out samples to buyers that Amazon determines might be interested in their products.

It looks like maybe Amazon is stepping up those relationships, if this NBC News article is anything to go on. BSN North America, makers of protein bars and such, sent out 100,000 samples just last week.

Looks like the program is quite limited for now, but this might be something to keep an eye on as Amazon explores new sources for marketing.


Read the full article here



Amazon pulls the plug on thousands of vendors, out of the UK, are reporting that Amazon is changing the way they purchase stock.

Looks like Amazon is exerting more control over how companies sell on their platform.

It does seem targeted at certain brands for now, but who know what the future will bring!


You can read the whole article here

Seeking more control over brands, Amazon pulls the plug on thousands of vendors


Temporary Suspension of Review Matching

Amazon has taken more advanced measures to prevent services like Zonmaster from matching reviews to orders. We are working on a fix for this but temporary we are suspending the matching of reviews to orders.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

FAQ News

Yes – we’re GDPR Compliant!

We decided NOT to spam you with this, but, we are getting some requests.

Zonmaster has updated the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to hilight that we are GDPR compliant. Your data – and the data of your customers – is stored in an encrypted format in our database. We have processes in place to delete data upon request.

The gathering of your customer’s data from Amazon is covered by Amazon’s “contract” with the customers (and your MWS contract with Amazon),

Happy selling!


Amazon Buyer Opt-Out in All Marketplaces

Last year Amazon implemented a scheme on whereby buyers could opt out of receiving emails from sellers. This feature has now been rolled out across the entire Amazon ecosystem, meaning that now buyers from Europe and India, as well as North America, can now choose to no longer receive “non-critical” emails from sellers.

The “[Important]” Hack is Gone

When Amazon rolled the Buyer Opt-out feature to a wider audience they also removed a backdoor that had been used to get around it. You used to be able to put “[Important]” in the subject line of an email and it would get through to buyers, even those who had opted-out. Guess what? People abused it, and now that is gone. The ONLY way the Zonmaster knows of to get an email to an opted-out buyer is via the Seller Central email system directly. It cannot be done via a third party sending, regardless of what other platforms are telling you. Zonmaster has one of the biggest sample sizes in the industry and can say for sure that this does not work any more.

Why it’s Ok

Our numbers show that only around 10% of buyers are choosing to opt out. If they have chosen to not receive emails, then not sending them emails is the right thing to do. If you put a sign on your front door that says “no solicitors” and then people came knocking anyway, would you give them a favorable review? No. You have to think from the perspective of the buyer. YOU as a seller might think your message is important. The buyer might not. Sorry.

Managing Opt-Outs

We’ve got an article over here that explains what to do. Essentially you forward your opt-out notification messages to us at the special email we tell you about on your control panel on Zonmaster. We will then add the buyers to your “opted out” list – and also to our Global Opt-Out List. When a buyer opts out of an email sent through Zonmaster, that email address is removed from all future Zonmaster-generated messages from our entire network of users.