[Amazon Australia] Tracking Numbers Required For MFN

This update just in from Amazon Australia. They will be requiring Tracking IDs for most MFN shipments.

A very similar rule came into effect in Europe on February 8, 2021.

Please note that what Amazon does in one marketplace may or may not make its way to other marketplaces, but best to be aware of it!

[Action Required] Providing Tracking ID for seller fulfilled orders to be mandatory

Upcoming changes to seller fulfilled order requirements.

Effective April 15, 2021, all seller fulfilled orders will require a valid tracking ID and carrier name when confirming shipment on Seller Central. You will not be able to ship confirm your order without providing tracking information. This change will help improve the delivery experience of seller fulfilled orders for our customers, so that they can see detailed shipment tracking information wherever possible. Tracking also reduces customer contacts, order-related defects, and lost-shipment costs, while improving seller feedback ratings.

This requirement will apply across all three ship confirmation methods:

  • Single and Bulk order processing on ‘Manage Orders’ page;
  • bulk confirmation using ‘Shipping Confirmation file upload’; and
  • API feeds.

However, you are not required to provide tracking details in the following circumstances:

  • Orders that cost less than $30 (including shipping) and are shipped using Australia Post Regular Letter Service; and
  • Orders that cost less than $50 (including shipping) and are shipped from outside of Australia using non-integrated carriers.

For more information visit Mandatory input of carrier and tracking ID FAQ.

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