Sell More on Amazon: How 15,000 Sellers Drive Half of Amazon’s 3P GMV

Did you know that out of the millions of sellers on Amazon, only a small fraction of them are responsible for driving a significant portion of the marketplace’s sales? According to research conducted by Marketplace Pulse, approximately 15,000 sellers in the United States alone received more than 100,000 orders in 2022, contributing to almost half of Amazon’s total sales.

The statistics further reveal that a total of 30,000 sellers achieved 50,000 or more orders during the same period, encompassing sellers who obtained at least 100,000 orders. It is important to note that these numbers do not include sellers from Amazon’s international marketplaces.

The Influence of Top Sellers on Amazon

Many of these top-selling sellers have been operating on the Amazon platform for five years or longer. Despite facing mounting competition, rising fees, and various challenges, these sellers have demonstrated resilience and perseverance. They have successfully built thriving businesses within the chaotic environment of Amazon’s marketplace.

Understanding the Power-Law Distribution

While millions of sellers participate in the Amazon marketplace, it adheres to a power-law distribution, where a small percentage of top sellers drive the majority of sales. This distribution pattern is the reason why approximately 240,000 sellers managed to secure a minimum of 1,000 orders. However, only 15,000 sellers achieved the remarkable feat of surpassing the 100,000 order threshold. Although this group may seem small in number, their collective impact accounts for nearly half of Amazon’s sales in the U.S., totaling over a billion orders in 2022.

Sell More on Amazon with Zonmaster

By incorporating seller tools like Zonmaster into your Amazon selling strategy, you can significantly enhance your visibility, reach a larger customer base, and ultimately sell more on Amazon. With the power-law distribution in mind, it is evident that the success of these top sellers is not solely due to chance but also the result of utilizing effective tools and optimizing their selling approach.

To unlock your full selling potential and drive more sales on Amazon, consider leveraging Zonmaster’s powerful features and resources. Take advantage of this opportunity to establish a thriving and profitable business within the competitive landscape of Amazon’s marketplace.

Please note that the information provided in this article is based on research conducted by Marketplace Pulse and accurate as of 2022.

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