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Are My Emails Compliant with Amazon Policy?

Utilize this checklist to examine your account and modify your templates and campaigns to be in line with Amazon’s Communication Guidelines.

Amazon’s Communication Guidelines specify that you can always reply to a buyer’s inquiry or send necessary messages for order fulfillment. These might relate to customization queries, delivery scheduling, etc. You are also allowed to dispatch Proactive Permitted Messages for various purposes, such as soliciting a product review, seller feedback, or both. However, every message has to adhere to Amazon’s guidelines regarding content, format, timing, and more. (For a concise overview of these guidelines, view Amazon’s video).

Zonmaster provides numerous integrated features that assist in ensuring compliance. Nevertheless, you bear the responsibility to guarantee that the templates and campaigns you design adhere strictly to Amazon’s standards. Whenever you design or evaluate your templates, refer to the checklist below to ensure compliance. Actions that Zonmaster takes care of automatically are marked with checkmarks.

Tip: By using the official Amazon template (Request a Review), your messages are always 100% compliant! For a rapid and risk-free approach to ask for reviews and feedback, you can enable the default Feedback and Review Request that comes with the Amazon template.

Proactive Permitted Messages: MUST HAVES

  • Dispatch within 30 days post order finalization. Zonmaster will only dispatch emails within 30 days of the order’s delivery. Older orders are automatically excluded.
  • Incorporate the 17-digit order ID. Zonmaster templates include the order number by default.
  • Content should be in the buyer’s preferred language. Zonmaster campaigns that use a Buyer-Seller Messaging template offer two compliant options:
    1. Exclude buyers with a language preference different from the marketplace’s default (e.g., an English-preferred buyer on the French marketplace).
    2. Direct these buyers to the Amazon Request a Review template, which auto-translates to the buyer’s language.

⚠️ Proactive Permitted Messages: NOT ALLOWED

Prohibited ActionDetailZonmaster’s Feature/Recommendation
Repeat RequestsNo repetitive requests for reviews or feedbackProvides three default campaign options. Activate only one. Pro users can design custom campaigns without overlap.
ConfirmationsNo order or shipping confirmationsNot mentioned
Basic Thank You MessagesNo simple “Thank you” messagesNot mentioned
MarketingNo promotional content, including discount codesNot mentioned

⚠️ Email Content: NOT ALLOWED

Prohibited ContentDetailZonmaster’s Feature/Recommendation
Opt-out LinkNo link to opt out of communicationLacks this feature
Secure External LinksOnly secure links vital for order or Amazon linksScrutinize and test all links
Positive Review EncouragementNo incentives or persuasive language for positive reviewsCraft requests neutrally
Review Alteration RequestNo content requesting review changes or removalNo option to message reviewers
Non-essential AttachmentsAttachments only crucial for buyer’s issuesAudit all attachments
Website Link in LogosNo logos with website linksEvaluate all logos
Sensitive ContentNo sensitive images or textAssess all content
Tracking PixelsNo tracking pixels or graphicsExcludes this feature
Personal DetailsNo personal email addresses or phone numbersGuide buyers to reply for queries
Product ImagesAmazon provides product imagesTemplates lack product images by default
ErrorsNo spelling or grammar mistakesReview all messages for accuracy

⚠️ Email Styling: NOT ALLOWED

Prohibited StylingDetailZonmaster’s Feature/Recommendation
Emojis and GIFsNo emojis, GIFs, or irrelevant brand imagesNo support for emojis or GIFs. Ensure brand-appropriate images
Font VariationNo more than three font sizesMaintain uniform text size
Line BreaksNo excessive line breaksMinimal spacing between paragraphs
Insecure GraphicsGraphics must be secure (https)Image Library guarantees secure integration
ALT text for GraphicsGraphics must have ALT textImage Library includes ALT text automatically

In conclusion, ensuring email compliance with Amazon’s Communication Guidelines is crucial for sellers to maintain a harmonious relationship with both Amazon and their customers. While Amazon permits certain proactive messages and responses, there are explicit dos and don’ts to be aware of, especially concerning content and styling. Zonmaster, with its integrated features, simplifies the compliance process for sellers, although it’s essential for each seller to vigilantly review their templates and campaigns. By adhering to these guidelines, sellers can foster trust, avoid potential pitfalls, and create a smooth communication channel with their buyers. Ready to streamline your email process and ensure compliance? Join Zonmaster today and let us be your partner in success!


Sell More on Amazon: How 15,000 Sellers Drive Half of Amazon’s 3P GMV

Did you know that out of the millions of sellers on Amazon, only a small fraction of them are responsible for driving a significant portion of the marketplace’s sales? According to research conducted by Marketplace Pulse, approximately 15,000 sellers in the United States alone received more than 100,000 orders in 2022, contributing to almost half of Amazon’s total sales.

The statistics further reveal that a total of 30,000 sellers achieved 50,000 or more orders during the same period, encompassing sellers who obtained at least 100,000 orders. It is important to note that these numbers do not include sellers from Amazon’s international marketplaces.

The Influence of Top Sellers on Amazon

Many of these top-selling sellers have been operating on the Amazon platform for five years or longer. Despite facing mounting competition, rising fees, and various challenges, these sellers have demonstrated resilience and perseverance. They have successfully built thriving businesses within the chaotic environment of Amazon’s marketplace.

Understanding the Power-Law Distribution

While millions of sellers participate in the Amazon marketplace, it adheres to a power-law distribution, where a small percentage of top sellers drive the majority of sales. This distribution pattern is the reason why approximately 240,000 sellers managed to secure a minimum of 1,000 orders. However, only 15,000 sellers achieved the remarkable feat of surpassing the 100,000 order threshold. Although this group may seem small in number, their collective impact accounts for nearly half of Amazon’s sales in the U.S., totaling over a billion orders in 2022.

Sell More on Amazon with Zonmaster

By incorporating seller tools like Zonmaster into your Amazon selling strategy, you can significantly enhance your visibility, reach a larger customer base, and ultimately sell more on Amazon. With the power-law distribution in mind, it is evident that the success of these top sellers is not solely due to chance but also the result of utilizing effective tools and optimizing their selling approach.

To unlock your full selling potential and drive more sales on Amazon, consider leveraging Zonmaster’s powerful features and resources. Take advantage of this opportunity to establish a thriving and profitable business within the competitive landscape of Amazon’s marketplace.

Please note that the information provided in this article is based on research conducted by Marketplace Pulse and accurate as of 2022.


3 Metrics Everyone Selling on Amazon FBA Should Track

You’re selling on Amazon FBA, and you want results.

For example, when you decide to stock a new SKU, you expect orders to roll in tomorrow—not a week from now. You want to own the Buy Box for that item—not share it with a multitude of other vendors.

You’re not screwing around here!

When it comes to feedback solicitation, however, are you measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns?

Simply sending emails to customers offers little value unless there is a definable, measurable outcome. In this post, we’ll discuss the three email metrics merchants should keep an eye on, particularly when it comes to ensuring satisfaction with Amazon customers.

1. Open Rates

Remember the days before the Amazon marketplace? To measure customer satisfaction, you basically had two options: ask in person or send a mailed survey. As with any type of direct mail, most pieces ended up in the trash can. Some were opened, but you had no way of measuring success until responses arrived.

Luckily, those days are gone and selling on Amazon FBA is here. In addition to leveraging the world’s most advanced seller reputation system to collect feedback, savvy users utilize a feedback solicitation service such as our ZonMaster system (click here for a 15-day trial). Based on your preferred delivery settings, ZonMaster automatically sends feedback request emails to your customers. The emails can be customized with subject lines, SKU-specific copy and eye-catching graphics (and more than a dozen other variables) that match your company’s branding and messaging.

Once deployed, your great content and ZonMaster’s flexible timing should result in a predictable open rate. While open rates vary based on product category and demographics, top merchants tend to experience open rates between 10% and 15%. ZonMaster aggregates this open rate data and presents it in a digestible format.



For each email template, users gain access to a wealth of open rate data, including:

  • The number of recipients who opened (or did not open) an email
  • Percentage of emails opened vs. unopened
  • Month by Month history for the lifetime of the email

Armed with this information, you’re ready to tackle your next challenge in selling on Amazon FBA: optimizing click-through rates.

2. Click-Through Rates

Even a 100% open rate offers little value if your click-through rate is stuck at 0% (or near 0%). To get more customers sharing their experience via the Amazon feedback system, you need to first get them clicking on your solicitation links.

By using ZonMaster, you can monitor and compare which emails are yielding the most engagement. ZonMaster makes it easy to track:

  • Click-through percentages
  • Total number of unique clicks
  • Emails with high open rates but low click rates
  • Percentage of opened emails with clicks

If you’re experiencing unusually low click-through rates (below 2% would be considered low), perhaps it’s time to make a few template adjustments. For example, you might try:

  • Testing a different email template
  • Re-positioning the placement of your call-to-action
  • Reviewing your copy for potential issues
  • Adjusting delivery and email templates rules for optimal engagement

3. Conversion Rates

For most online retailers, the word “conversion” equals a sale. This is of course true when sending a traditional email newsletter or purchasing keyword advertising.

When it comes to reputation management, most people Selling on Amazon FBA could argue that a conversion involves receiving seller feedback. Remember, the goal of feedback solicitation is first and foremost to ensure satisfaction. The natural byproduct of such satisfaction could come in the form of an Amazon feedback. If you provide an amazing interaction, ship ahead of schedule, show customers you care, then ZonMaster will take care of the rest.

As we’ve pointed out numerous times, even the most satisfied customers will only leave feedback about 5% to 10% of the time. ZonMaster helps ensure that your most satisfied customers are prompted to do so at exactly the right time.

Start Tracking Feedback Solicitation Metrics

If you’re ready to take your feedback management to a new level, it’s time you start tracking open, click and conversion rates. Sign up for ZonMaster today.