What is a SKU?

Do you sell products on Amazon? If yes, then you must know about Amazon SKU numbers. They are unique alphanumeric codes that help you keep track of your products on Amazon’s platform. By assigning SKU numbers to your products, you can manage your inventory and orders from one central location.

Amazon is a massive e-commerce platform with over 300 million active customer accounts and 1.9 million selling partners globally. So, it’s crucial to create and assign your SKU numbers correctly. By using Amazon seller accounting software, you can use SKUs to track sales data, manage inventory levels, and streamline the ordering process.

SKU attributes are the information you structure within your SKU, such as brand, size, resolution, price, smart-capability, compatibility, etc. By including these attributes in your SKUs, you can manage your inventory efficiently.

You should always create and manage your own Amazon SKU numbers instead of ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers). While ASINs identify products on Amazon’s platform, they aren’t the SKU number you assigned. Using your own SKUs will help you track profitability, calculate accurate margins, and recognize potential trends to grow your business.

Amazon offers a variety of methods to find your SKU numbers, such as accessing Amazon Seller Central, reviewing the information listed on your product page, and finding them on receipts or product packaging.

By using SKUs correctly, you can record losses, make strategic inventory forecasting decisions, track an item’s location within your warehouse, improve inventory accuracy, identify shrinkage, reconcile inventory, and perform profit analysis by SKU to determine best/worst sellers via attributes.

In conclusion, using SKUs correctly leads to better inventory management in ecommerce and tracking sales more efficiently. So, if you’re an Amazon seller, consider using Zonmaster, the Amazon seller tool for managing customer communications and tracking Amazon success, to manage your SKUs and grow your business.

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