Amazon Seller Guide: Unraveling the Mystery of ASIN Numbers

Ever wondered what the mysterious numbers in your Amazon product URLs are? Those unique identifiers are ASIN numbers. They’re crucial to successfully selling on Amazon, and with Zonmaster by your side, mastering them is a piece of cake. In this blog, we’ll explore the ins and outs of the Amazon ASIN number, an essential part of your Amazon seller guide to fast shipping.

What is an Amazon ASIN Number?

Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is a unique 10-character alphanumeric identifier employed by Amazon and its associates to manage their vast product catalog. If you’re a book seller, you’re in luck! ASINs for books are the same as their ISBN numbers. However, be warned – ASINs are unique only within a marketplace. Different ASINs might be used for identical products across national Amazon websites.

The Vital Role of Amazon ASIN Numbers for Sellers

ASIN numbers are a lifeline for both Amazon and its sellers. They’re the backbone of Amazon’s product catalog structure, which is vital for tracking inventory, indexing catalog pages for searching and browsing, and referring to catalog data. It’s through these ASIN numbers that buyers can utilize Amazon’s advanced search options, and land on the exact item they’re seeking.

Thus, the proper use of ASIN identifiers is paramount to sellers. Misusing or neglecting these identifiers can hamper Amazon’s ability to organize and search your products. So, ensure your product’s ASIN number is correct or, if necessary, create a new one when listing a product on Amazon.

How to Track Down Your Amazon ASIN Number

Wondering where to find your product’s ASIN number? You’ve got a few options:

  1. Look at the product’s web address in your browser’s address bar.
  2. Check the product details on
  3. Utilize ASIN search software tools like Synccentric for bulk uploads.

Do remember, creating a new ASIN for an existing product can land you in trouble with Amazon. Always verify whether your item already exists on Amazon.

Finding you Amazon ASIN number in the address bar

The second place you can find the ASIN is in the product details on, near the bottom of the product page.

Find your product's Amazon ASIN number in the technical details on the product page

Grasping Product Variations and Amazon ASINs

A fascinating part of ASIN numbers involves product variations, or parent-child relationships. These enable buyers to compare and choose products based on different attributes such as color, size, or other features. However, Amazon has specific rules about how these variations should be listed and prohibits certain practices to prevent the misuse of variations.

Establishing Unique Amazon ASINs: Embracing GTINs, UPCs, ISBNs, and EANs

If you’re introducing a new item to Amazon, you’ll have to create a new ASIN. During this process, you will need to know the GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers) of your products. The most common GTINs are UPCs, ISBNs, and EANs. If you don’t know your GTIN yet, the manufacturer of your product should be able to help.

The ASIN Creation Limit on Amazon

Amazon places a limit on the number of new listings sellers can create based on factors like sales history and listing creation history. However, as you boost your sales, your capacity to create new listings also expands.

The Perks of Creating a New Amazon ASIN

A necessity to create a new Amazon ASIN could indicate low competition for your product. You wouldn’t need to grapple with other direct sellers. This strategy can also aid you in winning the Amazon Buy Box and potentially boost your sales.

Remember you can also use Zonmaster to monitor your ASINs, and see that you still have control of your listing.

Next Steps in Your Amazon Seller Journey

Recognizing your Amazon ASIN number is the first stride towards successfully listing your products on Amazon. The better you understand the ASIN creation and customization process, the more effectively your items will appear in customer searches. So, get on board with Zonmaster today and set sail on a successful Amazon seller journey with a deep understanding of Amazon ASIN numbers!

Remember, if you ever need help in navigating the world of Amazon ASIN numbers, Zonmaster is here to lend a hand. Join us now and excel in your Amazon selling journey!

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