[Update] Big Changes to Email Templates – #1 Goodbye Backdate, hello Order After!

It was driving us crazy and it was driving YOU crazy. What, exactly, does ZonMaster’s ‘backdate’ feature do to an email template.

Everyone seemed to have a different interpretation, so, for clarity (and sanity) we got rid of it.

In it’s place we now have ‘Send to orders placed after’ (for brevity, let’s call it ‘Order After’). You can find this setting on the last row of the header section when editing an email template.

send to orders placed after

If you click on the little calendar icon you’ll get the following popup, which let’s you choose a date (and a time, if you click the little clock icon at the bottom of that window)


Setting a date and time will tell the template to only send to orders placed after that date. This allows you to more accurately move from another provider to ZonMaster by controlling the cutoff/start date when you want ZonMaster to take over.

We hope this improves your experience with ZonMaster! Let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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