[New Feature] All In The Family: Seeing Related Items

A lot of you are selling variations – different colour, container size, etc etc – of the same product. Now on ZonMaster you can see that!

On the items listing page we’ve put a small P in the box with the ASIN and SKU. That P will show the parent ASIN of the product. If there is any.


(sorry for the pixelization!)

If you click on an item and see it’s detail page, and it has ‘siblings’, you’ll see those listed below the Sales Rank and Inventory info.


Linking things at the parent label will help us match reviews better (as items with a shared parent actually get the same reviews on Amazon). It should also let you see families of items at a glance, and see their stock levels and more importantly for your ZonMaster use, let you see if they have the same number of templates, etc.

Please let us know if you find this feature helpful!

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