Supercharge Your Financing: Requesting Funds via Amazon Lending Program

Amazon Lending program offers short-term funding for sellers to expand their business, manage inventory, introduce new products, and sustain sales growth. Loan amounts range from $1,000 to $750,000, with flexible repayment terms. Eligibility is based on sales volume, customer satisfaction, and compliance with Amazon guidelines. Consider this option if you meet the criteria and aim to expand your business on Amazon’s platform.

The Amazon Lending program is currently available by invitation only. If you meet the requirements for a loan, an application form will appear as an Amazon Lending widget on the main page of your Seller Central account.

This program provides working capital to Amazon sellers, enabling them to expand their business within the Amazon marketplace and fulfill various essential business needs. These needs may include staffing and operational costs, inventory management, product development, production, and marketing initiatives.

Since 2011, Amazon Lending has been offering loans to companies selling on its platform. Together with other lending partners, Amazon has provided loans exceeding $800 million to small and medium-sized businesses in the United States this year.

According to the online retailer, over half of all items sold on Amazon’s platform are from independent merchants. Amazon sellers in the United States can explore financing alternatives offered by Lendistry and apply for them.


Amazon determines a seller’s eligibility, and those who are accepted are notified through their seller account. While the specific qualifying requirements are undisclosed, Amazon considers several factors when selecting eligible vendors. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Sellers must have a minimum activity period of one year on Amazon. The previous year’s sales volume should be at least $10,000.
  • Merchants should maintain high customer satisfaction metrics and have no significant customer complaints in the past six months.
  • Sales indicators should demonstrate a consistent upward trend.
  • Compliance with all Amazon listing guidelines is essential.

It’s important to note that this funding option is most suitable for sellers aiming to expand their businesses. Only sellers who require funds for purchasing new inventory and have shown consistent sales growth over recent months should consider accepting this loan invitation.

Loan Terms for Amazon Lending

The minimum loan amount is $1,000.

The maximum loan amount is $750,000.

Loan durations of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months are available, with fixed monthly installments.

Interest Rates

Each seller will receive a unique set of loan terms, as Amazon does not disclose this information upfront. Detailed loan terms are provided once the approval process is completed.

Advantages of the Amazon Lending Program

Amazon offers eligible sellers the opportunity to access short-term funding through its Amazon Lending program, which aims to enhance their business operations. Seller qualifications are based on their ability to drive sales growth and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. Here are the benefits of Amazon loans:

  • Efficient Inventory Management:

Managing inventory is a significant challenge for Amazon sellers. With Amazon Lending, you can purchase the necessary inventory to maintain stock levels. Having a well-stocked inventory ensures that your products are consistently available for purchase.

  • Sustain a Successful Business with Increasing Sales:

For new Amazon sellers, a business loan may not be the optimal choice at the moment. However, if you own an established brand with a loyal customer base, external funding can support the growth of your business.

  • Introduce New Products:

If you aspire to expand your current product line but lack the necessary financial resources, funding from Amazon Lending can help elevate your brand. By meeting the demands of your existing customer base, an Amazon Lending loan becomes an effective way to expand your offerings.

  • Payment Terms:

Opting for online Amazon seller financing offers flexibility compared to traditional lenders who often stick to EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) payment schemes. Customers have the option to make weekly repayments, allowing them to better manage their budgets.

  • Convenient Access to Financing:

Amazon sellers can conveniently apply for a loan through the lenders’ platform anytime and from anywhere, saving valuable time that would otherwise be spent on transportation.

  • No Collateral Required:

Most Amazon seller loans do not require collateral, allowing sellers to focus on expanding their business without worrying about pledging assets.

  • Support for Business Expansion:

Loans are specifically designed to cater to the needs of e-commerce sellers, providing borrowers with tailored offerings that support their business growth.

In conclusion, it is important to recognize that each funding option has its own set of pros and cons. When searching for financing for your business, it is crucial not to rush into a decision. Take the necessary time to thoroughly assess your options and conduct thorough research. If you are considering selling on Amazon, it is worthwhile to give Amazon Lending some careful consideration. However, if it doesn’t align with your requirements, be sure to explore alternative possibilities.

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