5 Tips For Increasing Feedback

For the purposes of this article, ‘feedback’ can be considered either Seller Feedback or Customer Reviews left on the Amazon site.

Why Feedback?

Two words: social proof.

Despite what we might think of ourselves, the fact is that it is human nature to rely on and, to a certain extent, copy our peers. (The big issue is actually who you identify as your peers!).

So if we see a group of people doing something, we tend to react favorably to that thing. The more we know and respect someone, the more likely we are to trust their behavior. But, in the case of not knowing anyone, the number of people doing something will have an impact.

There are lots of studies and papers about this that dive into the details but basically that’s it.

This is why Amazon promotes items that have more, and more favorable, reviews over two otherwise equal products. They know people are more likely to buy the one with more social proof.

5 Ways To More Feedback

1. Remove Negative Feedback

Hey, it happens.You will get negative feedback at some point in your Amazon Seller career. And in some cases you can have it easily removed. To see the official guidelines and what Amazon will remove click here.

2. Focus On Customer Service

Jeff Bezos has said it. Amazon has said it. As Amazon Sellers, you should do it: focus on the customer.

Answer customer questions within a maximum of 24 hours. Faster if possible. Pre-sales (i.e. in your Amazon listings) give the customer as much honest information as possible.

Don’t hype. Help.

3. Stay Active on Social Media

Track down people talking about your products and engage with them. If no one is talking about your products, look for people talking about your niche and engage with them. It should go without saying, but, do this is a non-spammy, non-salesy way!

Start conversations, not funnels.

4. Make The Unboxing ‘YouTubeable’

Your customer’s experience starts from when they open the Amazon packaging. Make your packaging small, but fun. Add some extras – stickers, cards, engaging pre-printed notes with your social media channels on them asking for a follow. Put these inside your packaging, but also put some url’s on your packaging too. Don’t ask for positive reviews, just give some fun.

And if someone does put an unboxing video up on YouTube or Twitter or wherever , like and comment!

5. Follow up, nicely

Depending on the type of product you sell, follow up with your customer via email a few days after they receive your product. Not so long after that they forget their excitement, but long enough after that they can give some feedback. Don’t ask for a positive review. Just mention that reviews help.

Luckily, this last step is easily done using Zonmaster. With our extensive triggering options you can configure emails to go out and prompt users for reviews or give additional infomation. Even better, you can flick on ‘Auto Review Request’ option and we’ll get Amazon to send out their Review Request form at the right time! It truly is set and forget. This is available on all Zonmaster plans (even the one starting at just $6.99 a month!)

Sign up today to start your free trial, no credit card required.

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